Are you a Cancerian? If yes, then read further to know more about your star sign, your personality traits, strengths and weaknesses.

Cancer at a glance

The people born between June 22 and July 22 fall under this star sign. Cancer is ruled by Moon and is associated with the element water. Besides, it is a Cardinal sign and thesymbol for this star sign is the crab. Silver is the color for individuals born under this star sign and the birthstone for them is Pearl and Moonstone if their birthday falls in the month of June or Ruby if their birthday is in July.

Personality traits

Being ruled by Moon which symbolizes the subliminal, people having Cancer as their star sign are meditative in nature and spend much of their time in a pensive mood. They are very caring by nature and suit the role of parents perfectly. The association with the element water has a role to play in this as it bestows the qualities of compassion and nurturing on them. But just as a coin has two sides, people born under this star sign also have certain flaws and the foremost of them would be their clinging nature. Besides, they are also extremely sensitive and one has to think twice before speaking to them.

  • They are not only loving but also very protective of their near and dear ones.
  • They have an artistic side to them and are talented individuals.
  • They donít lack in motivation and are ambitious by nature.
  • They are understanding and sympathetic to the needs of others.

  • They can be mawkish at times and their touchy nature makes it tough to deal with them.
  • They suffer from mood swings and sometimes even self-pity.
  • They are not very optimistic and can spend a lot of time brooding and sulking.
  • They cannot move on easily as they are not able to let go or to forgive and forget.
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